The RED PILL 3.0

///The RED PILL 3.0

The RED PILL 3.0

This is our audio montage in dishonour of the Trump inauguration (warning: some explicit language):

Here’s the player for the Flower Power Hour – an hour of music to uplift:

If you want to share a segment on social media use the “share clip” link on the right side of the player and it will allow you to take a segment and share it.

If you’d like to download and share the audio file for the Red Pill 3.0 use this link:

Red Pill 3.0

Some of the movies included in The Red Pill 3.0:

Private Benjamin
Patch Adams
VĀ for Vendetta
Almost Famous
Vanilla Sky

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  1. Jan Murtomaa January 17, 2017 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Good stuff!

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