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We’re highlighting the Shift in every show!

Regardless of the topic – Health, Environment, Social, Political – Shift Happens is focussing on the SHIFT!

Gary Tacon on Body Tuning De Niro, Pacino and Pesci

Gary Tacon just finished working on a movie as the Movement Analyst for Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. He has a [...]

The Church of Good Times

This week we talked to Nick about his bi-weekly event, the Church of Good Times (Church for short). Nick and his friend Tyson began [...]


This week we did a show about Abundance. We shared 4 videos that I've posted below. The first was by Carine Clark, the second was [...]

The Wheel of Life with Angela Jeffreys

Angela Jeffreys This week we talked to Angela Jeffreys, editor of Wheel of Life Magazine. Angela is a Celtic shaman who had [...]

Addiction Recovery with Sohan Ko

Sohan Ko This week we talked with Sohan Ko about her practice as an addictions recovery coach. Sohan holds a Master’s Degree in [...]

How I Stopped Being a Victim by Ana Bokstrom

Today Ana decided she wanted to share a topic that is near and dear to her. She's been on her soapbox (literally) about this [...]

  • Jeff & Ana of Shift Happens

Jeff and Ana talk about all of the great things they’ve Discovered

This week Jeff and Ana decided to bring all of our listeners up to date with how WE'RE doing. We have discovered many interesting things [...]

  • Church at the Royal

Another kind of Church with Nick and Tyson

This week we spoke with two young Aussies about their wonderful new project called "Church". This is an open mic event held every other Sunday [...]

  • Starry Night

PSYCH-K with Steve

How would you like to find a simple way to rewrite the unconscious beliefs that are constantly sabotaging your life? This week we spoke to [...]

  • Stephanie and Steven

A Soulful Awakening with Stephanie Banks

This week we spoke with Stephanie Banks, author, educator and channel. Stephanie had a traumatic life event - a near death experience - that propelled [...]

Ghost Investigations

This week we spoke with Valerie Frasier, the founder of Afterlife Ghost Investigators. They are a team of people who investigate paranormal phenomenon and if [...]

  • Tai Chi with Master Shanti

Tai Chi with Master Shanti

This week we spoke with Master Shanti about the Shanti system of Tai Chi. Master Shanti has developed an approach to this ancient art that [...]

Life as a Non-Binary Genderqueer Trans – Kori Doty

This week we talked with Kori Doty about life as a non-binary, genderqueer, trans person. For those of you who don't know what that [...]

The Sacred Tools of Discernment with John Lavinnder

This week we spoke with John Lavinnder about his Sacred Tools of Discernment or Urim and Thummim. John has developed his system of divination using [...]

Good News in 2017

This show was a review of many of the good news stories from 2017. The primary source for the show was Future Crunch's newsletter. If [...]

  • body-mind therapy

Sara Kinakin on Body Mind Therapy

This week we interviewed Sara Kinakin, a body-mind therapist about her process, her choices and how body-mind therapy has effected her life. Sara is [...]

  • Woodstock - a New Look

Woodstock – A New Look – with Greg Walter

This week we did a special two-hour show with author, Greg Walter about Woodstock. "Nearly forty years ago, Greg Walter was hired by Woodstock Ventures [...]

  • Claudio at TED

The Language of Music

As our regular listeners know, Jeff has a passion for music - and especially lyrics - so we decided to do a show about the [...]

  • Diet Against Disease

Diet Against Disease by Dr. Mercola

As you know if you've been listening to our previous shows, we have begun eating a low carb, high fat diet - a diet against [...]

  • healthy after menopause

Save Your Life with Bio-Identical Hormones

This was a fascinating conversation with Sheryl Yaremco, an R.N. who specializes in endocrinology and the use of compounded bio-identical hormones. Sheryl shared with [...]

  • Seafood & Salad

Happy Humans Eating Healthy

This week we spoke with Kelly Aiello, a nutritional consultant with about the benefits of eating healthy on a low carb diet. Kelly started [...]

  • SVCLS Board

Slocan Valley Legacy Fund with Lorna Visser

This week we spoke with Lorna Visser about the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund. The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is administered by the Slocan Valley Community [...]

  • Feeling Fear

Overcoming Fear

This week Jeff and Ana had a conversation with Chris Bokstrom about overcoming fear. There's been a lot of stuff happening in the world lately [...]

  • The Soul Always Knows

Choices that can Change your Life

This week we listened to a talk by author Caroline Myss, called Choices That Can Change Your life. She talks about the various ways we [...]

  • US Dollar as world currency

Current Events – What’s REALLY Going On?

This week we spoke with Chris Bokstrom about the reasons behind current world events. We have spoken to a number of people lately who are [...]

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