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We’re highlighting the Shift in every show!

Regardless of the topic – Health, Environment, Social, Political – Shift Happens is focussing on the SHIFT!

  • Rabi'a artist

Rabi’a on her latest work

This weeks interview is a follow up to our award winning interview with Rabi'a. We also have a special treat of a virtual tour [...]

Taking Our Power Back

This week we talked about three different stories that are related. The first was a story about the employees of Google convincing the management [...]

The Red Pill Audio Montage

This collection of soundbites from Songs, Movies, etc. was put together as a call to Wake Up! It's our way of trying to stir [...]

The Church of Good Times

This week we talked to Nick about his bi-weekly event, the Church of Good Times (Church for short). Nick and his friend Tyson began [...]


This week we did a show about Abundance. We shared 4 videos that I've posted below. The first was by Carine Clark, the second was [...]

  • Starry Night

PSYCH-K with Steve

How would you like to find a simple way to rewrite the unconscious beliefs that are constantly sabotaging your life? This week we spoke to [...]

Ghost Investigations

This week we spoke with Valerie Frasier, the founder of Afterlife Ghost Investigators. They are a team of people who investigate paranormal phenomenon and if [...]

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