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We’re highlighting the Shift in every show!

Regardless of the topic – Health, Environment, Social, Political – Shift Happens is focussing on the SHIFT!

The Red Pill Audio Montage

This collection of soundbites from Songs, Movies, etc. was put together as a call to Wake Up! It's our way of trying to stir [...]

The Church of Good Times

This week we talked to Nick about his bi-weekly event, the Church of Good Times (Church for short). Nick and his friend Tyson began [...]


This week we did a show about Abundance. We shared 4 videos that I've posted below. The first was by Carine Clark, the second was [...]

  • Starry Night

PSYCH-K with Steve

How would you like to find a simple way to rewrite the unconscious beliefs that are constantly sabotaging your life? This week we spoke to [...]

Ghost Investigations

This week we spoke with Valerie Frasier, the founder of Afterlife Ghost Investigators. They are a team of people who investigate paranormal phenomenon and if [...]

  • Tai Chi with Master Shanti

Tai Chi with Master Shanti

This week we spoke with Master Shanti about the Shanti system of Tai Chi. Master Shanti has developed an approach to this ancient art that [...]

Good News in 2017

This show was a review of many of the good news stories from 2017. The primary source for the show was Future Crunch's newsletter. If [...]

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