• Baba Brinkman and Lester McLean Perform in the Kootenays

    This week we interviewed two different musicians who are headed to the Kootenays in the near future... Lester McLean and Baba Brinkman. Lester is a funk/blues/rock/jazz musician from Toronto who is performing with his band starting on Aug 21st. They are all very experienced [...]

  • Rabi'a artist

    Rabi’a on her latest work

    This weeks interview is a follow up to our award winning interview with Rabi'a. We also have a special treat of a virtual tour of her latest exhibit at the new Hidden Garden Gallery so watch the video below for that. The Soundcloud audio [...]

  • Sharon Bamber Painting the Way of St. James

    This week we talked to Sharon and Simon Bamber about their upcoming expedition (they hope) painting the Way of St. James through France and Spain. They are currently running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.com to raise the money for the trip and they're asking [...]

  • Taking Our Power Back

    This week we talked about three different stories that are related. The first was a story about the employees of Google convincing the management to cancel Project Maven and not take any more military contracts. To read the story for yourself go to https://jacobinmag.com/ The [...]

  • Tom Campbell – We’re Living in a Virtual Reality Pt 4

    This weeks interview is part 4 of a 4 part interview with Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My BIG TOE. Tom says that we're living in a virtual reality and we wanted to explore the implications of his theory. Pick your preference below [...]

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